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Grateful Friday

It is Friday and it has been quite awhile since I have posted on one.  I used to be adamant about posting on Friday as those mornings were regular blog mornings.  Life has been just too busy, or maybe my priorities have shifted.  Nonetheless, whatever it is, it is Friday and I’m blogging!  I know you are so excited that you are about to pee your pants right now.

So anyway a little update into my world.  Less than a week and I close on my new house!  I’m truly excited!  This will be the second time for me as a homeowner but the first as a single homeowner.  Just me and my four legged family!

Other than the big move, 1 mile away as the crow flies I have been busy on some commissioned work with Brews & Jewels.  Then spending the occasional moment catching up with friends over a beer or hanging out with Opal.  Mostly packing and crafting though! Overall life is going quite well for me.  I feel like I’m becoming a somewhat normal American with a steady job, soon to have a house , a dog and two cats.  So, I don’t have more humans in my family but right now that is okay.  That will come when the time is right.

Despite all of my fortune I have been feeling some pain for many friends. Several have been dealing with the forces of mother nature and evacuations from home, the death of a good friend, and health problems.  It seems like the force of the universe has been quite unusual recently causing quite a bit of unrest around the world in so many ways. I feel very grateful that I seem to be escaping that right now. I have had my share before and I sure I will again so right now I’m happy to be me right now.

Since I’m feeling grateful today it seems appropriate to post some Grateful Dead.  Here is one of my old faves from them.




Settling In

I haven’t been on here much.  Life has been quite crazy recently but for the most part in good ways.  Brews & Jewels has been working away with anticipation of Big Love Fest that was supposed to happen on the 5th but ended up postponed due to the weather.  It was scheduled as a rain or shine event but the weather ended up being a little bit more than that with heavy rain and high winds called for so last-minute it was postponed with a date TBD.  Still waiting on that.  Sigh.  Also this Saturday is Appalachian Shakedown happening at Highland Brewing!  It is mostly a music and beer oriented festival with some local artists and I’m very excited to be one of them! The weather should be mid 70s and sunny.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also keeping me busy is my feet becoming firmer in the small city I have grown to adore.  I’m in the process of buying a house and if everything goes well I should be a homeowner in a month or so.  It is very exciting and yes, if you know me, anxiety producing.  I’m doing this all on my own and I couldn’t be happier but yet I can’t help but worry if I am doing everything I should and at the right time.  According to my realtor I’m ahead of the game so I guess my worrying is paying off.

If you have been keeping up with me you know that I have been feeling unsettled in life and wanting to nest.  Having that desire to have a house, family, and I guess overall feel like what we grow up thinking where we should be in our late 30s.  (Ack!  How did I get to be 38?)

I don’t want to have children.  I had my child in high school and proudly put her up for adoption.  My genes are out there and I don’t feel a need to help the overpopulation of the world.  Plus I have limited patience with children.  They can be adorable but I am too selfish for my own.  I do enjoy my four legged kids, a dog and to cats.  I would like to add a significant other at some point but that needs to be the right person.  So right now I am happy to be forming a more permanent home for the furry ones and me.  A house that is all ours.

So I finally am feeling like I am putting my nest together and although it takes time and energy it is so exciting and worth it!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that the next month plays out like it should and I become a homeowner.  Oh and if you are in Asheville come to Highland Brewing on Saturday, drink a beer or two, listen to some awesome music and say hi!

Reflections of 2011 Part 1

Wow another year already!  The beginning of a new year always makes me, and probably most of you, reflect on my life for the past year.  Of course just having had surgery has given me a little extra time to spend reflecting so I feel like I have reflected more than previous years.  Maybe I’m imagining that.

So I feel like 2011 brought me some growth, great life experiences, changes in jobs and living situations, some painful times, some lonely times, okay a lot of lonely times, also some good times, great adventures and some great fun!

So New Year’s Eve of 2011 started with a kiss.  A random guy I met while dancing and drinking the night away at The Arcade.  It did turn into a date after but that was it.  That seemed to be the theme of my dating life for the year.  Usually a couple of dates with someone and that was it because either he thought it wasn’t right or I thought it wasn’t right.  Nothing lasted more than a few weeks and I spent the whole year without a relationship.  I have never been through a full year of being single.  In retrospect, I think that I probably needed this growth.  I have learned how to better deal with being lonely.  I have concentrated more than ever of what I need and want for myself.  I think that I when I do find a relationship again I will be more prepared for it than I was a year ago.  I will have the ability to see what I need and keep myself mentally healthy in one.

Despite lacking romantic relationships my relationships with friends have grown.  I have continued to find myself surrounded by a wonderful group of friends who support me, love me and are fun as hell to hang out with!  Whenever I really needed someone I always had a good friend or two to turn to.  I am very thankful for that.

Outside of relationships I faced a lot of changes for one year.  I changed jobs twice.  The job I started the year with kept decreasing my hours and I found myself needing to get out of a bad work situation.  I explored the ideas of going back to school and the brief thoughts of opening my own business.  I decided to venture into a completely different career field and for a few months found myself working for a recruiting firm.  I learned a lot from that.  Mostly that I cannot have a career based around sitting at a desk and talking on the phone all of the time.  So I looked into new ventures again.  Of course with the economy my choices were limited and I found myself where I am now.  I’m working as an assistant receiving manager for a motorcycle and atv parts distributor and overall it is a decent job that keeps me on my feet and surrounded by great coworkers but it’s not my dream job by any means.  So we’ll see where my life goes career wise in the long run but for now I’m happy for a regular paycheck, great coworkers and most of all the stability.  It took a large amount of my mental energy this last year exploring what I want to do and what is really out there.

Besides my career changes I moved.  Again!  About mid summer I thought a lot about cutting expenses and decided my living situation would be the best way to do that.  Really the only way for me to do that would be to move in with a roommate.  Since I had moved three times in the past two and a half years I really was thinking maybe 2011 could be a year of not moving.  My original plan was to start this year looking for a roommate but an opportunity for a great roommate fell in my lap and I took it.  I moved in October and so far am quite happy with the new situation.  It’s nice to have someone else around the house at times along with a dog and another cat.  So far that has been a great change!

Stay tuned for part 2….

Getting Settled Again

Moving is such a pain in the ass.  Despite this it is a good way of cleaning out things you don’t need and getting a fresh perspective on life.  I just moved from a small apartment that contained my two cats and me and moved in with another human being and her cat and dog.  Definitely a change after being alone for two years.

Well after two plus solid weeks of packing/moving/unpacking/cleaning I am fully in the new house with just a little bit left to unpack.  I finally have had some time to focus on other things in my life.  I went to a birthday celebration of a good friend and had time to just relax and watch, not one, but two movies!!  I haven’t had time for one in a while, nonetheless two.  The most glorious thing about this was that the animals are all starting to accept each other and I laid curled up on the couch watching a cheesy horror film (The Chain Letter in case you are curious) such as I love to do and had a wonderful dog next to me and cats scattered around the room.  All resting and sharing it peacefully with me.  It brought a big smile to my face.

I am home and it is wonderful!


Then The Cats

So I am working on cleaning, sorting and packing.  Yes, again I am moving.  I decided a little while ago that I need to save money and the best way for me to do that would be to move in with a roommate.  My original plan was to wait until next year because I wanted 2011 to be a move-free year but an ideal situation came to light so here I am sorting and packing.  How did I gain so much stuff in a year?

One of the biggest things about the move is that my two cats will be moving into a household with a dog and a cat.  Yes, there will be a small zoo with three cats and a dog but it will be great to have this many furry friends in one place.  That is after they get used to each other.  Whew.  The future roommate brought her dog over to my apartment a couple of weeks ago so my cats could meet her.  Fish was almost friends with her new canine roommate by the time they left and Chips, as always, was much more apprehensive.  Then yesterday I brought the cats over to their future home so they could check the new surroundings and meet the future feline roommate.  Future canine roommate and his visiting canine friend were outside so to not add too much excitement at once. Well as you can imagine getting strange cats together can be interesting.  Fish was her usual curious social self and somewhat ignored the hissing of her future feline roommate.  Chips was again, more apprehensive.  All was going fairly smooth until all of a sudden Fish is looking like she is going to the bathroom on her future canine roommate’s bed!  Fish what are you doing?  Yes, my cat decided to have diarrhea all over her future home.  Yikes!  So I had my first mess to clean up and took out my first bag of trash without even moving in yet.  After that ordeal things seemed to be settling down when suddenly we were unable to find Chips.  We looked all over the basement and house and wondered if he had managed to make it to the dog door to get outside.  I got pretty worried that he did.  He is pretty smart and sly so it would not have surprised me.  So the outside search begins and both of us are switching between inside and outside.  Well the canine roommate was outside along with a canine friend visiting the house for the weekend so we let them in so that if Chips is outside he will hopefully be easier to find.  On one of my trips back inside I notice one of the dogs excitingly looking at the side of the fridge and what do I spy?  Chips!!!  Whew, worried kitten mom is feeling much better.  So dogs back out get cat from corner and I decided they had enough excitement for one afternoon.

It will take some time for them to get adjusted to the new surroundings and new roommates.  Probably much more so than me.  I will be a nervous kitten mom when that time comes but I know everyone will settle and probably become a house of loving friendly furballs.  I’m looking forward to it!