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Roadway Ralph

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day! It seems to have become overshadowed by this whole Super Bowl thing. It is an important day…a day when we base the future weather on a groundhog and whether or not he sees his shadow! Okay, seriously it is a funny tradition but nonetheless just about as accurate as any weather forecaster. There is the famous Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of them all. GroundhogDay_1 Most of the US tunes in to see if he sees his shadow thus dooming us to six more weeks of winter. In the south we have General Beau Lee, who has been built a tiny southern mansion to emerge from. Really? politifact-photos-GROUNDHOG4.JPG_1467509 Although he supposedly has a 94% accuracy rate! Phil on the other hand……39%. Living in groundhog country we have Nibbles at the WNC Nature Center. I really find flaw in his predictions as his prediction is taken by the locals at, what?, 2pm! I guess he likes his sleep? I don’t know how accurate Nibbles is but I personally think I’m going to base my weather news on my nearest roadside groundhog. So tomorrow at 7:30am I will go to the road, find a groundhog hole and wait for him. I’ll even name him Roadway Ralph. Will he see his shadow? gndhogclose_070313_mt_tif_ Or I just might sleep in and see what General Lee and Phil said.