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Grateful Friday

It is Friday and it has been quite awhile since I have posted on one.  I used to be adamant about posting on Friday as those mornings were regular blog mornings.  Life has been just too busy, or maybe my priorities have shifted.  Nonetheless, whatever it is, it is Friday and I’m blogging!  I know you are so excited that you are about to pee your pants right now.

So anyway a little update into my world.  Less than a week and I close on my new house!  I’m truly excited!  This will be the second time for me as a homeowner but the first as a single homeowner.  Just me and my four legged family!

Other than the big move, 1 mile away as the crow flies I have been busy on some commissioned work with Brews & Jewels.  Then spending the occasional moment catching up with friends over a beer or hanging out with Opal.  Mostly packing and crafting though! Overall life is going quite well for me.  I feel like I’m becoming a somewhat normal American with a steady job, soon to have a house , a dog and two cats.  So, I don’t have more humans in my family but right now that is okay.  That will come when the time is right.

Despite all of my fortune I have been feeling some pain for many friends. Several have been dealing with the forces of mother nature and evacuations from home, the death of a good friend, and health problems.  It seems like the force of the universe has been quite unusual recently causing quite a bit of unrest around the world in so many ways. I feel very grateful that I seem to be escaping that right now. I have had my share before and I sure I will again so right now I’m happy to be me right now.

Since I’m feeling grateful today it seems appropriate to post some Grateful Dead.  Here is one of my old faves from them.




Ice Day!

Snow is a much preferred precipitation but today it is ice.  Not a lot of it yet but enough to make the roads slick and more is in the forecast for the day. I have had one wreck in my life because of ice and so it does scare me a little, much more than snow does. So I called into work.

It will give me time to catch up on things around the house, watch movies, work on my crafts and spend time with the four legged loves in my life.  Of course I will also peruse the internet for awhile and find a crazy video to post!  Oh wait I already did that so here you go.

Be safe out there everyone.  I don’t like visiting my friends in the hospital.  🙂

Screw The Weatherman!

Those pesky weathermen (and women) predicted that we were going to get snow yesterday.  Nope no effing snow.  Just a ton of cold cold rain after the four previous days of rain.  Thankfully my friend, the sun, came out today to take away my woes of no snow.

It’s Friday and I’m getting ready to meet up with one of my best friends over a beer or two.  I still want some snow but I’ll take a sunny weekend instead!

Missing Friday?

I have been absent from my usual Friday posts the past couple of weeks. Life has been busy, mostly in a good way.

It’s the end of a busy week for me and I have a busy weekend planned. Riding bikes, cleaning out my storage unit and hanging out with good friends.  It should be a beautiful weekend; I can’t wait until I get in my car at the end of the day and start the ignition to head home.

To bikes, beer, friends and whatever adventures the weekend and next week brings me!

Not Enough Time

Ugh….life can go too quickly at times.  It’s Friday and when I wasn’t at work I felt like time flew by.   As with any weekend I’m sure I will feel that way this weekend.  I need time for fun, time to be productive and time to just relax.  Will that happen this weekend?   I doubt it but we’ll see.


Long week and my brain has turned to mush.  Looking more so to giving my brain a needed break more than anything else this weekend!  Anyway, last workday of the week and I don’t want to think so here’s a Beck tune for you!

Fridays and Bicycles

Oh yeah!  It’s Friday and I only have to work half a day today!  I took the afternoon off to volunteer at the bike corral at the last Downtown After Five of the year.  What am I talking about you say (unless you’re local then you can skip the next few sentences)?  Downtown After Five  is a local once a month free concert series downtown (a mile from home, yippeee) that features awesome local music and beer!  The bike corral is put on by Asheville On Bikes and it is kind of like valet parking for your bike.  This month the mountain bike organization that I dedicate my volunteer time too, Pisgah Area SORBA, is hosting it.

What does this mean?  I will be helping people with giving them a safe place to put their bike while they enjoy awesome music and beer.  I myself will have a great place to hang out, talk to other cyclists and enjoy the music and a beer or two myself.

I’m excited for a fun Friday, I will just need to caffeinate frequently since I’m lacking on the zzzzzzs.