What Life Brings

It has been quite awhile since I posted. Life has been just a wee bit crazy busy. I am now officially a homeowner again as of June 20th. Wow!  I’m still kind of in disbelief.


It is my second time as a homeowner, the first time was with an ex. That time it was a joint decision and everything wasn’t just up to me. This time it was just up to me. I bought the house all on my own accord with no one else to judge other than hearing  “I think it is an awesome place” from my realtor who is also a friend (and we looked at a few that he agreed was not an awesome place) and my friend/now old roommate whom drove by and looked at the outside.  That was it, otherwise just my little head and my gut saying this is it.

So here I am over 2 weeks into being a homeowner with no regrets. It is a small home, but all I need for my four-legged family and I. There is storage in the basement for my two-wheeled family and a nice yard for Opal and the cats to explore.  They seem to approve.


I finally feel like I have part of the “American dream”, being a homeowner. It is rewarding as it gives me responsibility which I kind of thrive on. Having the lawn mowed and keeping the gutters clean are all on me. For awhile in my life I was happy to be a renter and not have that but I started to yearn for it again. Mostly because I can then landscape how I want and know that I am taking care of something that is mine.


Other than buying a new (to me) home my parents are currently here visiting so I am being a tourist in my own town and coming up soon I am heading to my old state of Colorado and heading to my (yikes!) 20th high school reunion.

A lot going on for this summer already. I am really looking forward to settling back down and getting into a routine with the new place and having more time to craft and ride again.

Overall life has been bringing me good things and I cannot complain. Thank you, my lucky year, 2013!


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