Settling In

I haven’t been on here much.  Life has been quite crazy recently but for the most part in good ways.  Brews & Jewels has been working away with anticipation of Big Love Fest that was supposed to happen on the 5th but ended up postponed due to the weather.  It was scheduled as a rain or shine event but the weather ended up being a little bit more than that with heavy rain and high winds called for so last-minute it was postponed with a date TBD.  Still waiting on that.  Sigh.  Also this Saturday is Appalachian Shakedown happening at Highland Brewing!  It is mostly a music and beer oriented festival with some local artists and I’m very excited to be one of them! The weather should be mid 70s and sunny.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also keeping me busy is my feet becoming firmer in the small city I have grown to adore.  I’m in the process of buying a house and if everything goes well I should be a homeowner in a month or so.  It is very exciting and yes, if you know me, anxiety producing.  I’m doing this all on my own and I couldn’t be happier but yet I can’t help but worry if I am doing everything I should and at the right time.  According to my realtor I’m ahead of the game so I guess my worrying is paying off.

If you have been keeping up with me you know that I have been feeling unsettled in life and wanting to nest.  Having that desire to have a house, family, and I guess overall feel like what we grow up thinking where we should be in our late 30s.  (Ack!  How did I get to be 38?)

I don’t want to have children.  I had my child in high school and proudly put her up for adoption.  My genes are out there and I don’t feel a need to help the overpopulation of the world.  Plus I have limited patience with children.  They can be adorable but I am too selfish for my own.  I do enjoy my four legged kids, a dog and to cats.  I would like to add a significant other at some point but that needs to be the right person.  So right now I am happy to be forming a more permanent home for the furry ones and me.  A house that is all ours.

So I finally am feeling like I am putting my nest together and although it takes time and energy it is so exciting and worth it!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that the next month plays out like it should and I become a homeowner.  Oh and if you are in Asheville come to Highland Brewing on Saturday, drink a beer or two, listen to some awesome music and say hi!


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