Riding to My Nest

I have been a little unsettled recently.  I have mentioned before that I’m at a point where I want to nest after a few years of living in the moment and .  I’m working on making steps to feel a little bit more nested but right now my life is still in chaos.

Many of you know I suffer from anxiety so of course right now I’m having some issues with it.  I’m trying to step back and realize things can’t just happen, that there is a process.  I’m also trying to keep in mind that process can bring self discovery and lasting memories.

My nest will come.  Not all at once but in steps and I need to enjoy the ride along the way.  That is what life is all about.


One response to “Riding to My Nest

  1. It certainly will come in good time. 🙂 You are well on your way with good things flowing towards you. ❤

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