Happy 12th Anniversary To Me!

Today makes 12 full years as a North Carolina Resident, tomorrow will be the start of year 13 for me.  My first official day as a North Carolina resident was January 1st, 2001.  I have never lived in one state this long before.  Colorado was my second longest at 8 years so this is somewhat significant for me.  I obviously have moved around in my life and when I was in college I thought I would always move around but I think I have settled.  I like it here and want to stay.  After 12 full years I still love it here.

So not only is tomorrow the start of a new year for everyone but an anniversary for me and my home state.  2012 treated me pretty well but I hope that lucky 13 will be just that, my lucky year.

2012 taught me a lot and I think the biggest thing I learned was to just enjoy the ride.  Life will bring things that are good and some things that aren’t.  I am doing better at just going with the flow and doing the best with what happens.  I’m ending the year on a happy note and looking forward to having a happy 2013 and enjoying the ride that comes with it.

Cheers to 12 years as a NC resident and seeing what lucky 13 brings!

Learn to love the ride


2 responses to “Happy 12th Anniversary To Me!

  1. It seems auspicious that your 13th year lines up with 2013!!!

  2. We love having you hear (also the slogan of my current job)! I am banking on a lucky ’13 for the both of us. 13 has always been my lucky number. Cheers from the state capital and I can’t wait to be back home in the mountains at some point in ’13.. Happy New Year my dear friend!

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