Last Day?

I’m sitting here sad that I am headed south via plane to visit family and will miss my new girl Opal.


I will get to see my parents, my uncle, and my cousin but I will really miss the new girl in my life.  I can’t help it Opal has been fantastic since I fell in love with her pic on

I really hope that the world does not end as the Mayans predict and that I get to spend many years with Opal, my friends, my cats, and overall just loving life.  Just in case it does end I want you all to know that I thank you for reading my cheesy blog (including posts about cheese) and making me feel like people pay attention.  You all are awesome!

If the world does not end you are still awesome and let’s bring in 2013 with renewed life and showing love for the world.  The earth really is a pretty cool place so let’s treat it that way.

end of the world


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