The Beauty of Opal!

So I acquired a new four-legged friend.  My household is no longer just full of felines, there is now a canine thrown into the mix.  The felines are still in charge as they have the claws that keep them in that role.

I had been thinking about getting a dog for quite a while.  I grew up with dogs and had one as an adult and when I moved into my current house my roommate had one that unfortunately passed away in January.  I had thought long and hard and decided really I just needed the right dog.  One to be social with me out on the town, one to hang with me on movie nights at home and one happy to be tortured by three cats.  I found her!

Her name is Opal.


I spent countless hours browsing looking for the right dog.  I wanted one that got along with other dogs, of course cats and definitely humans.  A dog that was already past puppy stage and was not overly active as it would have to spend a lot of time at home and when I get home from work oftentimes I just want to chill at home.  I also have a soft spot for dogs with short legs and long bodies.  Having had a Basset Hound before I started searching there.

I found Opal.  She is a basset mix and had been found under a house with 2 week old pups.  She got along with other dogs and people and ignored the cats she met.  She is between 2-3 years old and adorable!  I had to go meet her.  The biggest hurdle is that I had to travel to Seneca, SC to meet her a 3 1/2 hour round trip drive.  I decided I should be sure before I met her and went to Brother Wolf to check out some of the local options. I met several wonderful pups and did find one named Bella that won me over.   I was still thinking about the canine in SC and decided I wanted to meet her, Bella could wait.

I took Thursday afternoon off and traveled south to meet this South Carolina country girl.  A local vet was taking care of her and her pups.  I found her outside in a kennel with three of her gigantic pups!  Eight weeks old and they were almost as big as her!  She lit up bigger than any Christmas tree when she saw me.  I took her inside the animal hospital and she followed me everywhere.  I was in love and so was she.

It was a two hour ride home and she wagged her tail almost the whole time!


We became immediate best friends!

Four and a half days later I know I picked my true canine companion.  She loves walks, meeting people, loves the cats and knows to stay back and let them decide about her and she has even ventured out to one of my local establishments and had a great time!  She met some kids and was the sweetest ever with them, met a few other canine friends, lots of people and enjoyed every minute of it.  She has cuddled with me to watch a movie and been great at home by herself.

We are both so lucky!  We found each other and I could not ask for a better companion than my beautiful Opal!




2 responses to “The Beauty of Opal!

  1. I love your new doggie and miss you like crazy. It looks like things are going well for you! Have a happy holidogs!! 🙂

  2. This was nice to read. I feel that way about my dogs too! It’s quite something when you find THAT dog. Makes you realize just why we adopted them into our lives eons ago…

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