Bar Dog

So as some of my friends know I have been looking at adopting a dog.  It has been a long time coming as it has been in the back of my head for a few years now but the timing had not been right or more so the knowledge of what exactly I should get in a dog.

I grew up with dogs, had a Basset Hound that I adopted at the age of 21 and had her from puppyhood until she passed away at 10 years old.  I was heartbroken when she passed for a very long time and I still get sad when I think about her, she was my truest puppy love (and evidenced by the pic below still in college with the most awesomist ugly couch).


Since then I lived in a downstairs apartment in a house with a shared yard and my house neighbors had a beautiful Brittney Spaniel that I house sat a few times and played with in the yard a lot.  After that I moved in with a roommate in the home I currently live.  When I moved in over a year ago she had a beautiful super sweet English Setter, Gladys. Very unfortunately she passed away early this year.  Gladys got to know me as a part of her home and greeted me with love when I cam through the door.  My cats also came to love her.  Gladys is definitely still missed.

I have debated the idea of adopting a dog for quite some time and have finally decided I am ready and want to.  I have spent a decent amount of time deciding what makes up the perfect dog for me.  The perfect dog for the next 10-15 years of  my life.

The big obvious is gets along with cats.  The next is love people and other dogs.  I don’t have time to raise a puppy so it will have to be an adult and also not too old as I am not ready for heartache again anytime soon! After that is believe it or not a somewhat low activity level.  I actually  don’t want a dog to mountain bike with.  I spend my days at work being active and at nights want to chill at home in front of a movie or play with my crafts.  I have been road biking more and my mountain biking recently (and probably for the foreseeable future) has only been a couple of times a month. I need a dog that will greet me at the door with a smiling face and be content just hanging out with me.  Sometimes that hanging out might involve a car trip to a local bar.  Yep, I am a true Ashevillian as I want a dog to be able to hang out at a bar with other people and dogs and enjoy the Asheville dog bar life.  Bar dogs seem to have a pretty awesome life in Asheville.

So I am on the quest for a canine companion to see me through movie nights, bar nights, neighborhood walks and the unconditional love that they can give.  I’m looking forward to it!

Of course any good bar dog must play a mean game of poker and know how to hold his or her liquor 😉

Mitchell & webb dog poker


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