2 Days on 2 Wheels, 138 miles of Bike Therapy! Part 2

read part one here

Okay so obviously a fair amount of planning, preparing, and just plain old thinking about this trip before I even started it.  Damn I really needed some time off and even more needed an adventure!

Having limited time to take off from work and a four-day weekend with Thanksgiving I decided that would be the perfect time to take my trip.  I just hoped the weather would cooperate, I can deal with cold as long as it doesn’t precipitate!  So finishing my planning I booked a motel for Friday night and was ready to do it!  I decided to start my trip at the trail head in Powder Springs, GA and overnight in the small town of Piedmont, AL.

My alarm went off at 6 am Friday morning and I was soon ready to roll!  First I had to roll my 4 wheels down to GA then I could roll on my 2 wheels.  I was pretty anxious on the drive down.  I wondered if I was going to hate the challenge I put on myself, if I packed the right stuff, if I forgot anything important, what if I had a major mechanical in the middle of nowhere, and the thoughts went on and on.  Still I was excited and the anxieties that went with it were part of the adventure.

Four hours later I arrived in Powder Springs and soon was off to a good start.  I was still quite anxious traveling somewhere I had never been but I set out by myself on two wheels with a motel waiting for me 65 miles away!  Rolling along and seeing lots of people out on their bikes or a jog or walk I started to feel at ease.  I relaxed and started enjoying the sights around me and soaking in the beautiful day ahead.

As I ventured further out I got away from the crowds and the trail became more of my own to explore.

The scenery didn’t change much for the first 20 or so miles and being on such a flat surface I was amazed how quick the miles went by.  Road intersections became sparse and the land began to change.  It became more significant as I approached Rockmart, GA about 26 miles in.  I took a short break before continuing on my journey.

As I got going again I was warned with signs that I would be in a remote section for the next 10 miles.  The trail started to take some turns and even a few hills.  Even though I was still a little anxious as it was becoming remote I was settling into the ride and enjoying the beauty around me.  I noticed little things like the hawk soaring above me and the way the fields blew in the wind and the 10 skydivers falling from the sky. Okay, maybe that last thing wasn’t so little.  I saw one and it took me a minute to register what I was looking at then I saw, oh I didn’t really count, but 8 or 10 skydivers coming down in the distance in the sky.  I had never seen that in real life before.  I didn’t get a picture but it was close to where this one of my bike is.  It was so peaceful and beautiful right there.

Okay so my mind is wandering and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride at this point.  I notice myself grinning from ear to ear in the total enjoyment I had.  Riding my bike usually makes me smile but there are those certain times on bicycle that nothing in the world could be better than where you are at on your bike and the feeling it brings.  I was able to experience that feeling a lot this trip.

The next little town I came upon was Cedartown, GA

Other than a cool renovated train depot and this cool building

I can’t say that Cedartown was much of a place to hang out otherwise so really I was happy to get through it.  At that point I was getting close to the state line and again headed into the remote and beautiful country.

When I approached the state line I couldn’t believe I had only ridden over 5o miles at that point!  Only 15 miles more and I was at my motel!

It was getting cloudier and windier as the day progressed but it was still fairly warm and I was happy to take my time.  The countryside was beautiful and I was enjoying every moment.

I arrived in Piedmont, AL, my destination for the night.  I had a map of the motel location in my pannier but being a small town and having a general sense of the motel location I just kept riding into town.  I ended up having to back track a mile or so and realized quickly the local drivers didn’t think highly of the cyclists that come through.

I got to my motel and checked in and soon thereafter went on a search for dinner and some supplies.  I set out on foot to stretch my legs and found a Mexican restaurant right next tiny local grocery store.  I fueled up and headed back to my room for the night.  I watched a cheesy Jim Carrey movie, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, on HBO with a lack of anything else exciting.

I slept well although had some crazy dreams.  I had a wonderful day and was looking forward to another day traveling on my two wheels 🙂

Oh and I listened to my Ipod on and off and Talking Heads was definitely a big portion of my playlist.  Stayed tuned for part 3 but in the mean time I found this so enjoy:

David Byrne’s A Poem to Cyclists



2 responses to “2 Days on 2 Wheels, 138 miles of Bike Therapy! Part 2

  1. sounds like an awesome adventure,i want to do this soon..

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