Tattoos and Beer

Just over a week ago I got a new tattoo.  My second one.  I don’t take getting one lightly, both of my tattoos I pondered over for months before actually going through with them to make sure that it is something I want on me forever.  So this is what I got

Yes that is a beer cap in the middle.  Yes I love beer and this year I started Brews & Jewels but it is more significant than that.  About 4 years ago I took the cap off of a Magic Hat beer and here it is.

I have held on dearly to this cap.  Why?  Not only because I like the quote but it came at a time in my life I needed this.

I was currently in a multi month break up with someone I had been with for over 14 years.  It was a relationship that had turned toxic and I endured a lot of mental abuse in the latter years.  I had a really hard time hearing what my head had been telling me for years.  I kept listening to my heart.

It was hard to move on but I am more than happy I did.  At this point in my life I tend to have a bit of a guard on my heart and fear being back in that place I was.  I lost myself in that place and lost my mind.  My head stopped talking as I let someone take over it.  Let being a key word as I wasn’t forced to stay in that relationship but I ignored my head and only listened to my heart.

I have vowed to never let myself go like that and to always keep listening to what my brain is saying no matter what my heart wants.

So as you see this tattoo represents a lot to me.  It’s not just a good quote off a beer cap but it’s significant to my life.  I love that bottle cap and my new tattoo!


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