My Brain on Dreams

Damn brain… keeps on thinking even when I tell it to stop!  Sigh, I guess that is what it was designed to do dammit.  Anyway there has been a lot going on in my life to keep it busy, especially at night in my dreams.

Last night I dreamed I was riding at Dupont.  It is in fact where I rode today and had planned to ride today.  I dreamt I was at the sign for Pitch Pine Trail and the person I was riding with was gone.  My dreams often times are set in places I am familiar with but are different in my dream.  This time it was just like it was when I rode there today.

Really pretty much just like this picture I took today.  The long gravel road stretching out in the distance with the leaves changing and no one around.  Silence.  Riding Dupont and possibly this trail were in my plans for today but places usually are not this prominent the night before in a dream.  In my dream last night I was standing at this exact intersection wondering where the person I was riding with had gone.

“Where are you?”  I yelled.  I whistled (which in reality I suck at) and yelled for the person I was riding with.  “You are going to miss out on a really fun trail”  I yelled.  I never actually saw the person I was yelling to and have no idea who it was supposed to be. In my dream I was concerned about where they went but knew they were ok.  I ventured down the trail after calling out and whistling but I was sad.  Sad that I was enjoying this trail without that person.

The dream had pretty much escaped my mind before I went riding today but as soon as I put my leg over the bike it started to come back to me.  I rode on some of my favorite trails and then was at that intersection.  I stopped.  I stopped for quite a while thinking, feeling, seeing just how real it was in my dream.  I even hesitated to go down Pitch Pine but I did.  I actually ended up circling around and riding it twice.  The first time with anxiety but the second time with pure fun.

Strange how dreams can affect me. They have been there my whole life and over that past couple of years I have really started listening to them but not always clear on what they say.

I just keep hoping things will be clear when they are supposed to be.


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