Fridays and Bicycles

Oh yeah!  It’s Friday and I only have to work half a day today!  I took the afternoon off to volunteer at the bike corral at the last Downtown After Five of the year.  What am I talking about you say (unless you’re local then you can skip the next few sentences)?  Downtown After Five  is a local once a month free concert series downtown (a mile from home, yippeee) that features awesome local music and beer!  The bike corral is put on by Asheville On Bikes and it is kind of like valet parking for your bike.  This month the mountain bike organization that I dedicate my volunteer time too, Pisgah Area SORBA, is hosting it.

What does this mean?  I will be helping people with giving them a safe place to put their bike while they enjoy awesome music and beer.  I myself will have a great place to hang out, talk to other cyclists and enjoy the music and a beer or two myself.

I’m excited for a fun Friday, I will just need to caffeinate frequently since I’m lacking on the zzzzzzs.


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