Short Escape

Well as many of you know I had the chance to take a break from the norm and head out on a road trip.  I was more than ready for it.  Having been at my current job for just over a year I have not gained much as far as vacation time and my time off has been few and far between.

I took advantage of the labor day weekend and had 5 days off for a road trip.  My main goal of the trip was to visit my sister and brother whom live on the Chesapeake in Maryland.  Since it would be quite a long day to do the drive all at once I broke it up with a night in DC to and from.  It had been 13 or 14 years since I had visited that great city anyway.

I wished I had more time.  5 days was not enough to be able to visit the friends I have along the way and not enough time to see even close to what I wanted to in DC and definitely not enough time with my siblings.

I thought I would just give a few highlights/memorable moments of the trip.  These are in order of occurrence, not importance.

1. Getting to stay at the Hyatt in Arlington for super cheap thanks to that whole name your own price thing!  I slept well 🙂

2. Riding the metro around DC when the mass of people were getting off work.  Most people looked sad and had a look of being a slave to their jobs.  It made me appreciate living somewhere that is not the norm.

3. Seeing how bike friendly our Capital City has become

4. Getting to see the Capital along with other national landmarks that make DC so beautiful!


5. Waking up the next day and riding right from the hotel to the Mt. Vernon trail for a couple of hours on the bike.


6. Riding a little bit of the infamous C & O Canal


7.  Heading out of the mass of the city into a whole different world among farms and ocean in Maryland.

8.  Getting to my sister’s house and finally getting to see her, my brother, his wife and their mom.  It had been way entirely too long.

9. Playing with my brother’s goats

10.  Getting up the next day and after my sister made me breakfast I went for possibly the flattest bike ride I have ever done.


11.  Getting to spend the afternoon with my sister and see my brother and his wife talk on what they know best (

12.  Oh and we rode a ferry!


13.  One last day of sightseeing around Maryland with my sister.


14.  I wished I didn’t have to say goodbye but I did and headed back for one more night in DC before heading home.  I spent some time walking around town and it poured rain for 2 hours.  I got soaked!


15.  Getting up the next morning and doing just a little bit more sightseeing before heading home.  I had not had a chance to visit the White House this trip so that is where I went!


16.  Getting home after a long drive with off and on rain and traffic.  Unpacking and finding all my “souvenirs” from my sister, the thrift store and elsewhere.


Well I’m back to my normal life already thinking about my next vacation.  That will be one I repeat again.  Soon.






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