Less Than A Week!

In one week from today I will be seeing some family members that I have not seen in way way too long.  My half- sister, half-brother and his wife, and their mom.  I am way excited!  Despite the time passing I feel like my half-sister and brother are two of the family members I relate to the most.  They are my siblings after all, half or whole 🙂

I’m looking forward to the road trip and seeing their homes on the Chesapeake in Maryland.  I truly love to explore new places and I will get to to that along with some much needed time with them.

Next Thursday I leave and I can’t wait!  Here is to my next road trip, just around the corner! Oh and I will probably be too preoccupied next Friday to post my usual Friday post so, umm…check out some other blog or something.  There is some suggestions on my link list 🙂


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