Up Next Is…

The next two weeks are going to be a little crazy.  I will be going pretty non-stop through the end of Labor Day weekend.  It will be pretty exciting and for the most part all of this craziness will be fun but nonetheless it is a little anxiety inducing and I will be happy for the few moments I have to myself in between everything.

This week will start off with an event I’m pretty excited for!  A month or so ago I received a message from the manager at Jack of the Wood restaurant/brewery here in town telling me that they are organizing a special event with Oskar Blues Brewing and would love to have it be a benefit for Pisgah Area SORBA!  Yes please!  They have done all of the leg work and it looks like it will be a fabulously fun time!  It will make for a long Tuesday running from work to the event but so worth t!  So big thanks to Jack of the Wood for putting this on!

The big event this week happens on Saturday.  Pisgah Area SORBA has brought back the Save The Trails Challenge which is a benefit ride for us.  There is a lot to get together for this and thankfully I have someone else as the main person in charge but I still have some legwork and details to worry about.  It will be fun and should be a beautiful weekend for it.  Many of the attendees are in visiting the area and it is always wonderful to show new people the awesomeness of Dupont.

As soon as those two events are over I will be getting ready to head out of town.  I’m heading up to Maryland to visit my half-sister and half-brother, his wife, and their mom.  It has been way too long since I have seen any of them and I am definitely looking forward to the visit.  I also plan on spending a night in Washington DC to and from to break up the drive and do some fun exploring.  I’ll be bringing my road bike and am looking forward to some adventures and hopefully some much needed relaxation.  Although I’m really not that great with the relaxation bit.  Maybe I can turn off my brain for a few days.

So obviously a lot of good things coming up but with work and getting ready for everything I will probably feel a little frazzled.  I will enjoy my moments in between and spend time with my crafts, watching movies, hanging with friends, and reading.  Oh and sleeping too, I love sleeping!

Now off to work I go to begin the next two weeks!



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