Oh DuPont, How I Love Thee!

I was way overdue for a mountain bike ride and I needed to get to Brevard this weekend anyway so I loaded up Flash this morning for some quality time together out at our favorite local place to spend some time, DuPont.

I forget just how much I love DuPont until I am there.  So let me count the ways:

1. Ridgeline Trail, really a whole reason alone for me to go to DuPont.

2. Jim Branch Trail, yes another fantastically stupid fun trail

3. Airstrip Trail


4. The fact that there is actually an old airstrip that the trail comes off of


5. So many trails I can always find a new one to ride!

6.  The stunningly beautiful lakes

7. The amazing waterfalls

8. The variety of scenery, flora, fauna, rocks including the slickrock granite that provides a great riding surface or sometimes a nice place to take a break


9.  The trails vary from gravel roads. super stupidly fun flow all the way to steep rocky technical downhills.

Yes, I had a great day out playing in DuPont with Flash.  It was some much needed bike therapy!  Thanks DuPont!  Thanks to the friendly horseback rider who offered to take my picture with my bike in front of High Falls.


We’ll be back soon!



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