Craft Addiction and Other Randomness

So I think I must have become addicted to my beercrafting as I like to call it.  I came home and worked on a few pieces I am working on before looking at my email, facebook, eating dinner, etc.  Hopefully tomorrow I will have a new piece or two for my Etsy page. In case you haven’t checked it out here is the link:

I think it’s a good addiction and I’m definitely having fun with it.  Plus I personally think I’m producing some pretty awesome things.  🙂

Otherwise life has been pretty good the last few days including achieving the longest single day ride to date of 45 miles on Sunday.  I hope to beat that soon.  I’m working on a goal of riding from my house to Mt. Pisgah and back.  Just under 60 miles round trip.  I’m getting a little closer each time and feeling pretty awesome about it!

I also was randomly thinking how I used to commonly post Beck videos and I feel like I’m overdue.  So here you go.  Enjoy your night, Monday is almost over!



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