Belt Fetishes

So having a blog on WordPress there is a “site stats” page that tells you how many people looked at your page and what got them to your page and other things.  I have to say I was most delighted when I saw that the somebody searched ” I have a belt fetish” and that led them to my blog.  I am not alone.

Ah yes, I do have a belt fetish.  I love them and own about 20-25 belts.  They are my accessory of choice. I made a new one for myself this week and hope to add belts as a regular item to my Brews & Jewels collection but am in the learning process.

A close up of my newest belt:

Belts and beer.  Two of the things that helped keep my sanity this crazy week along with some wonderful friends and a good night out with them on Wednesday.

It’s been a long stressful week but it is Friday and hey I have a new belt, beer in the fridge and awesome friends.  It will be just fine. 🙂

So looking up “belt fetishes” as you can imagine brought on some videos I didn’t want to click on for fear of the computer viruses linked to it.  I did find this quite interesting one.  So ummmm…’s weird, just like this week.  Oh and graphic in the way those drivers’ ed movies were graphic (not graphic as in sexual content graphic).


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