Anxiety Dreams

I have always had continual problems with anxiety.  Recently I have been going through a few things that have increased my symptoms and it seems like my body has been releasing them in my dreams.

Along with always having a battle anxiety issues I always have had vivid dreams.  Sometimes I will remember whole dreams, other times bits and pieces and sometimes I just wake up knowing I had a super crazy dream.  Well the last couple of weeks my dreams have been quite vivid and intense and I can remember a good portion of them.  People closing in on me and multiplying by the second, getting lost in a maze of an airport, being left in strange places, etc.  It has been a little harrowing and definitely causing my mind to churn even more than it normally does when I am awake.

I wish I could go back to my happy recurring dream I had as a child in which I could fly.  I would just stand still and wish it and up I would go.  I wish I could be carefree and escape like that when I wanted.

I know some of my current anxieties will let up in a couple of weeks as events pass but in the meantime I just hope for a regular old happy dream.

Well there is some positive things to look forward to like Bele Chere this weekend.  I will be there volunteering at the Pisgah Area SORBA booth on Saturday and checking out a few bands after and then I just might have to go back on Sunday to check out this awesome artist:



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