Being a Slacker

So it has been a little while since I’ve updated my blog.  Had to break out the duster and get rid of the cobwebs.  I swear I’m still here!  I just have been busy with so much and my attention at home has more directed to my crafting rather than posting about what has been going on in my life or my weird random thoughts I like to share at times.

Don’t worry overall life has been good.  I did put on some good mileage on my new love, Cessna, the other day.

I have been working with my crafts, hanging with my friends and watching a few movies in between.  Maybe this week I’ll be less of a slacker and at least get out my normal Friday post. Oh and I apologize for the misuse of “your” in the title of this video.  Apparently the person posting it is also a slacker.   🙂


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