Beer, Bikes and Jewels

Dang weekends go way to fast!  I had a pretty busy one and with two meetings after work coming up the next two days it is going to be a long week.  I did have a good weekend and am looking forward to one of my best friends coming into town later this week!

Saturday I was so over the heat and did a short gym workout and stayed inside working on my crafts. A lot.  I took a ton of photos and played with figuring out props to show off my crafts to put online.  Did a little bit of actual crafting too.  Sunday I was motivated to head out on a bike and decided a long overdue visit to Flat Laurel Creek trail off the parkway would be a good place to be.  3000 feet higher in elevation always helps with the heat!

It was a beautiful ride in decent temps with a few challenging sections and a whole lot of fun.  I had not been on my mountain bike in about a month and made the mistake of heading out on a somewhat technical trail on a brand new set of pedals.  Not quite worn in enough to make clipping out well a little stiffer which can catch you on the rocks and want to put your foot down.  Oops…..I should have known better.  Anyway there may have been some crashing that gave me a nice knot on my left shin.  I guess I was overdue on that too.

Got back from our ride and after shower number 2 of the day went back to the crafts.  Took more pictures and delved into the making of my new Etsy shop.  I still need to play with the site some more and add a couple more items but I have a site started!  I felt like I accomplished something and had some good fun!

Oh yeah, Go check out my shop 🙂


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