The Heat Is On

I’m not looking forward to the weather the next few days.  Mid to upper 90s!  Ugh!  That is pretty effin hot for here and considering neither my work nor my house is air-conditioned that means I will be spending my free time out and about in air-conditioned places, in the water or collapsed in my tub full of cold water.

I have a new bike and all I want to do is ride it so hopefully it doesn’t drain me too much and get out there.  So here is my idea.  Everyone in the Asheville area get out there and wash your cars and leave your windows rolled down so the rain will come and cool things off.

Looks like the “Heat Is On”


One response to “The Heat Is On

  1. Hi Karen. Nice to hear from you. You’re an intersting writer. Enjoy your lovely bike. UncleNorm

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