Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Late yesterday afternoon I was looking to pass some time before my date with my girlfriend.  So instead of accomplishing anything on my “to do” list I thought I would look at bikes for sale on Craigslist.  Since I have all this extra money to spend. NOT!  Well a listing for a 2011 Scott Contessa road bike caught my eye.  Enough so for me to email and ask about the size.  I thought to myself, “that is such a good deal, surely it’s sold.”

About 10 minutes passed.  Yes only 10 minutes and I got a call.  Not so surprisingly in the small world we live in I knew the person selling the bike and he told me he would give to me for less than the asking price.  So I thought about for oh about 5 minutes and said “I want it!”  We made arrangements to meet up this morning so I could ride it and see what I thought.

So I go over to his house about 10:30 this morning and she is just as beautiful as the picture on Craigslist, as seen here:

I take it for a short spin and tell him, I want to bring it home so I can go a real ride.  It was a bike he bought for his wife and she just really didn’t like road riding.  So he threw in her helmet and the pedals too.

I get the bike home and start getting it ready to ride.  Put my pedals on it Put my too tiny saddlebag on it (damn it I need to spend more money so I can outfit it appropriately) and did a few adjustments and was ready to roll!

I decided to do my normal “Enka Lake” route which is a nice rolling 25 mile ride with one decent climb, beautiful scenery and not too far from civilization in case I have any issues.  Plus it’s hot outside and with a long week of work ahead of me in this heat I figured I better not push myself too hard.

Despite the heat and also being a little sore from my gym workout the day before my ride was fantastic!  About a mile in I noticed something I hadn’t heard from a bike in quite a while.  Maybe I should say I didn’t hear because that was exactly it, it was so quiet!  No creaks, no whining, nothing.  The shifting was smooth and I could not stop smiling.  Riding bikes always makes me smile as is but I think I had a bigger than ever grin today.  As I topped the biggest hill of the ride I thought “wow, I’m here already?”


I had a song pop in my head today and kept singing it too myself as I rode along.  The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”.  It brought me to think about my days when I was working on getting my private pilot’s license (which I gave up due to how damn expensive it is) and  how riding bicycles is about as close as I can get to the joy flying brought me. Plus this bike cost me less than what 2 lessons would cost me today.

I think in honor of my past experience in flying and the fact he is pretty damn fly for a white (and blue) bike that I shall call him Cessna,  It’s the only type of plane I have ever flown and I hope to fly this Cessna for many great years!

Here’s to the newest man in my life!



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