Bicycle Built For Two

Okay so I have never actually ridden a bicycle built for two nor really have a big desire to but I picked this song because I have been thinking about bikes recently (I know how is that different from normal?  It’s not)  and the name Daisy is in it whom was my old dog whom I still  badly miss to this day.

No dog can replace her but I will be dog sitting a super awesome one this weekend in between other fun.

Anyway it is Friday and hopefully riding bikes can get out of my dreams and into reality this weekend.  Although I have to say I cleaned one hell of a trail in my dream Wednesday night!

Here’s to bicycles, built for one or two, and to awesome dogs and even more to the weekend!  Enjoy!

Oh and by the way I have updated my donate button.  As much as I want to go to Thailand I think time will limit me even if I had the money.  So instead I really need a good bike for some road adventures.  So you know a buck or two helps!  Or you could just buy me a bike…I want a Salsa Vaya please 🙂


One response to “Bicycle Built For Two

  1. I’m pretty sure this is an old English music hall song from the early 20th Century. My gran used to sing it – although to a very different tune.

    Thanks for the memories

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