Lamborghinis and Bicycles

So feeling kind of crappy and overall lacking motivation I forced myself to get out the door with my bike.  I didn’t know if I would ride just a few miles or longer but I knew I needed to ride despite not feeling it at that moment.

Well I was armed with jean shorts, Tevas and flowers on my tank bag and headed downtown.

I started rolling and thought maybe I would ride towards Biltmore Forest and if I really felt motivated ride onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It dawned on me today that Yoshi (my old Nishiki road bike) had only ever ridden about an eighth of a mile on the parkway and that was part of a commute I had done a few times to a job on Hendersonville Road.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, getting the legs moving a little more I was in the midst of the mansions of Biltmore Forest and feeling quite poor riding my old bike not being able to afford my own home nonetheless one of these mansions when out from a driveway a Lamborghini emerged.  Yikes, let me feel even poorer.  I did start to think about how I honestly had everything I needed in life and am still richer than a lot of the world.

Lost in thought I peddled through the neighborhood and up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed south.  I was apparently a little more motivated than I thought when I left the house or I probably would have donned the bike shorts and maybe even switched back to the clipless pedals.

I turned south and started the ride on the parkway past the trail runner coming off the Mountains to Sea trails, past spandex clad cyclists heading the opposite direction, over roads and eventually over the French Broad River.  I stopped at the first overlook and felt like I was on new ground.  Well at least Yoshi was 🙂

As I was pulling out again a spandex clad cyclist was packing stuff into his truck and looked me up and down with my old bike and my everyday clothes, smiled big and said “good job!”.  I said thanks and rode up the hill for a little while longer and eventually turned around to head back home.  I did stop for a second to enjoy the view of the valley.

I rode and rode back home feeling much better than when I started my ride.  It’s amazing what a little two-wheeled therapy can do.  28.7 miles according to Map My Ride.

As much as I love Yoshi and enjoy taking him on these trips I have been dreaming a lot of a new ride.  I have been enjoying the road and want to do some exploring and overnight trips.  I briefly rode one of these the other day and it sounds like exactly what I am looking for.

Since it looks like work will make my dreams of going to Thailand pretty unlikely I think I should change my donate button to help me buy this.

I don’t want a Lamborghini but I do want a Salsa Vaya!


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