Already Gone?

What happened?  It’s Monday dang it!  Where did the weekend go?  After Memorial day weekend this one seemed so short with only two days.  I did fit in some bike riding, two parties, a wonderful hike with my girlfriend, time with lots of friends and some good time alone working with crafts and watching movies.

So here is a from the first party for my friend, Becca, whom is getting ready for a new adventure in the big big city of Washington DC.  It was great to hang out with several of my comedy friends since I haven’t been to enough open mics recently.

Then I headed to another party to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful friend Jo.  Living in Asheville it does not seem to be rare for fire to come out at events like this.

I followed my wonderful Saturday evening with a short hike with my girlfriend to a beautiful area with an awesome waterfall and an old mica mine.  Sat an enjoyed a picnic and possibly accidentally educated a few young children about lesbianism.  Don’t worry nothing too graphic.  🙂

Tom’s Creek Falls

Old mica mine

So I made the best of the short weekend but damn, does it still have to be Monday? Well the weekend may be already gone but thankfully there is another one soon!



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