Turtles On A Friday?

I have been a little turtle obsessed recently.  I am currently fostering the cutest turtle in the world.

See she is the cutest turtle isn’t she?  Well I have had Clementine, or Clem as I call her, for about 2 months now.  She has an outside habitat that is basically a mansion for her, all the bugs she could ever want at her claws and seems pretty content.  I don’t really know if she is but she basically has more than any captive turtle could ever hope for and considering her size she may never be able to be safe back in the wild.

I have recently purchased a turtle belt buckle, some webbing with turtles and turtle beads for crafting and look at all things turtle right now.  A few people have asked if the turtle is my “power animal”  and if it’s my favorite animal and similar questions.  I still think the wild cat is my favorite animal but the turtle is a top 5.  As far as a power animal, no.  I think my personality is far from a turtle but turtles do have traits I admire.  They relax and take things in slowly.  They are cautious and are great survivors.  I admire the slow cautious side of the turtle because well unless I’m riding uphill on a bike than pretty much I lack that skill.

So here is to the turtle whom I admire and love.  Here is to all the animals that I also admire and love like the cat, the dog, the bird and so many others.

Oh and hey….It’s Friday!!! That means the weekend.  Maybe I can use some of it to explore my slow side 🙂

They didn’t have a Clementine the turtle song but I like this one anyway:


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