Perfectly Good Rainy Days

Sometimes a rainy day on my day off is okay.  It gives me an excuse to relax and enjoy things at a little bit of a slower pace than normal.  I did make it out for a mountain bike ride yesterday knowing today it would most likely be raining today.

I woke up and checked the weather which reaffirmed a rainy day ahead with some drizzle already starting.  I spent the morning sipping coffee and catching up on emails before meeting up with the girl I’m seeing.  We went out for brunch and had crafting planned for the rest of our day but got a little caught up in shopping for crafts.  It rained off and on but really it was a nice slow paced relaxing day browsing shops and just enjoying the day.

She had some later obligations so I came home and crafted some more and had time to watch a cheesy comedy before writing this and getting ready for my week ahead.

Sigh…..maybe I’ll wake up to a repeat of today instead of tomorrow.

I thought I’d put on a Norah Jones tune since she seems to be a fan of rainy days.


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