Beer City USA Year 4?

So Asheville is, of course, in the running for Beer City USA.  Asheville is home to so many local breweries I think I have lost count! I believe there are 9 breweries in Buncombe County and then another 6 or 7 in the neighboring counties.  Also in the next three years New Belgium, Sierra Nevada,Oskar Blues and 21st Amendment Brewing will be opening facilities in Asheville and the surrounding towns.  Then there are a few more local breweries in the works, such as Altamont Brewing Company.

All of this is very exciting and a little overwhelming.  It seems like in less than 5 years time more people in Asheville will be employed by breweries more than any other type of business.  It will help our economy and create needed jobs for our area.  At the same time it will mean our small city will keep growing and probably faster than ever.  This will bring more cars, more buildings and more sprawl.  I just hope it also brings better public transportation, more bike lanes and continued love of the local and not more chains.

Yes, as many of us here, I am a transplant.  I moved here on January 1st 2001 to Enka Village.  I since then moved 45 minutes away to Balsam and lived there for 7 years before moving back and living in the city limits ever since.  I love it here and after thinking about the possibilities of moving and doing some traveling around I don’t think anywhere else could replace the love I have for this city.  So I shall stay and see how things change.

So here I am contemplating the good and the bad of Asheville heading for year number 4 as Beer City USA.  Still we deserve it as we love our beer and obviously outsiders agree as they are building their facilities here.  Hell, I would be 10 pounds lighter if I didn’t love beer!  So vote for us:

On that note, I’m looking forward to heading out to Big Love Fest later today and indulging in one (or two) of our fantastic local brews!


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