It’s Friday, Where Is My Smile?

It’s Friday.  The past few days I have been feeling a little sick.  I think my body just said I have been doing way too much and I needed a break.  So that is what I did Wednesday.  I’m feeling a whole lot better but still not my usual happy self on a Friday.  There is a lot going on still and some of it I’m just trying to work through and also I’m working on staying in tune with myself.

Normally I would tell you I have a jam packed weekend of fun ahead but this time other than plans tonight I have decided not to run around from event to event all weekend long and spend some time with myself and the new household member, Clementine.  Yep, I am officially fostering a tiny Eastern Box Turtle and last night her outside habitat was completed enough for her to sleep in it.  I will be spending some time working on it this weekend adding finishing touches and working on improvements but it’s nothing urgent as it is now a livable space for her.  Clem is about a 2 1/2 inch turtle.  The space we built is about 12-16 square feet.  It didn’t seem that big until we set her in it but compared to Clem she is living in the equivalent of the Playboy Mansion.  She is one lucky girl.  And so am I, I know that right now but yet still feeling a little worn out and down.  Hopefully the weekend picks me back up.

So here is a song that fits my mood and well I had to go with a Clementine song 🙂


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