No Place Like Home

I have been lucky recently to have been able to do a little bit of traveling and spend some time exploring the world, or well at least some of the eastern US. Okay really pretty much Pittsburgh and Atlanta and the roads in between but you get the point.  I have been able to do one of my favorite activities, explore!

Between these trips, work and also a camping/biking trip, having time to spend at my house,play with my cats,hang out with my roommate and best of all sleep in my own bed has been rare.  I was really starting to miss home and all of the stimulation of exploring was starting to wear on me.

I don’t consider myself a homebody as I keep an active social life and definitely enjoy getting out and doing things but I really do prize my nights at home.  I enjoy an occasional lazy Sunday morning cooking breakfast and sitting here on my computer or even watching a movie before doing chores, errands or even a bike ride.  I enjoy snuggling with my cats and spending time relaxing at home.

I was way overdue on this and it was really hitting me hard on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta.  I really just wanted to go home but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving early and  miss seeing Mickey Hart, for free, plus I had a friend with me and he was very excited to see Mickey Hart too so I kept my mouth shut, probably exhibited a little bit of grumpiness and at the end of a long eventful day was happy to finally head north, towards home.

Traveling has been great and I have had some super fun times recently but I think I’m going to spend a little extra time in the next couple of weeks hanging at home.

I just got a new reason to spend more time here, I am now fostering a tiny Eastern Box Turtle, whom I have named Clementine.  She is a rescue and at 3 1/2 years old, smaller than she should be, so cannot be set out into the wild.  An outside habitat for her is currently being constructed and tonight will be her first official night here.  She will be staying in a box tonight but hopefully tomorrow her habitat will be completed enough to hangout outside like she should.

Welcome to your new home Clem!  I’m looking forward to spending some nights at home with my roommate (on the rare night she is here), the three cats and now one lucky turtle.

Ahhhhh…….home.  There is just no place like it.



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