I love trees.  How could one not love them?  Trees are so important to life, they are beautiful and amazing living things.  Trees seemed to embrace much of the beauty of my weekend. This morning I went on a hike through the arboretum with a friend and we spent a lot of time talking about the flowers and trees and looking at all the different characteristics of trees.  So many times people set out for a long distance view and forget to look at the beauty right there along the path they are walking.

This morning wasn’t my only tie to trees this weekend.  Sometimes I highly value those trees we have lost for something else I find very valuable and beautiful in its own way, paper.  Paper in the form of books and stationary.  Yesterday I wandered around the library for a while looking at the amazing and beautiful world of books and also picked up a few CDs to listen too while I was there.  Today I stopped at my favorite store downtown, Write On, to buy a few cards and as always spent quite awhile looking at all the wonderful cards that store carries.  I love books and I love cards.  Long live the trees that live their lives to bring me the beauty while they are alive and beauty they create when remodeled into the form of a book or a card!

Song from one my CDs on loan from the library 🙂


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