I Went to Pittsburgh…… (Part 2)

….and continuing on…

So the next morning I woke up fairly early and got ready to spend some time with Yoshi on the Great Allegheny Passage.  I started at the Homestead trail head and headed south.  It was quite interesting at first being close enough to the city to be going through the suburbs and past steel companies and even an amusement park!

Crossed back and forth over the river a few times and did have to do one major detour in a town that they have not been able to acquire the land needed to complete the trail in that section.  Eventually I rode into more a more rural area and enjoyed the miles of trees and river alongside me.  I turned around 16 miles in as although I wanted to ride longer I knew I also wanted to do some “urban hiking” around the city that afternoon and ride the city the next day.  I do someday want to head back to the passage and start from a more southern point and do a multi day ride as it was worth the visit!

That afternoon I spent doing some more urban exploring and checking out a few neighborhoods.  I started in the Southside neighborhood and went to the OTB (Over the Bar) Cafe.

Talk about some major bike bling!  Oh it was cool!  I also checked the Strip district in which people are selling all sorts of stuff on the street and also home to a lot of bars.  Pittsburgh did seem to be a land of dive bars.  Not a whole lot of open bright cheery looking places to drink like I’m used to here.  Most places were hard to see anything without going in and traveling by myself that made it a little intimidating.  So after spending some time wandering around those districts  I decided to meander up to Mt. Washington and watched the night set in over the city.  Quit stunning!

I did not realize before traveling there just how much topography Pittsburgh has!  It is full of crazy steep, very steep, windy roads and definitely some with a ton of potholes.  The roads there need some serious love!

So anyway after a full day I decided to head back towards the great Travelodge and again got lost so spent quite awhile getting back and decided I needed to pick up some local brews to bring home so stopped at another beer store.  I’m not sure if all beer stores there seem to only sell stuff in cases but I did browse around and settle on a mixed pack case of beer. Yes I did bring the majority of that beer home and I am set for a while.  I do not drink as much as it may appear!

I did get back to my room just in time for a thunderstorm to hit and sat with a beer and watched the rain and lightning.  Then off to sleep before another full day of adventures and I was looking forward to checking out the greenways in the city and an improv jam!  Oh yeah!

and to be continued once more…….



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