The Long Way

Soon I will be writing a blog on my trip and giving a general review of Pittsburgh but I did want to reflect a little on doing a solo road trip.  Last July I did a solo road trip to visit a couple of friends in Chicago and it was a great experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of traveling on my own and the experiences that being solo on a trip led to.  I did however have friends I met up with at destinations so it wasn’t a purely solo trip.  This trip, although shorter, was purely solo.

Being by myself for 4 days straight was a little bit of a test for myself.  I had a lot of inner reflections and although had a total blast and some great adventures that I will share in upcoming blogs at times I wished I wasn’t alone.  I missed my friends and wanted to share my adventures with another or others.  I think my next vacation will at least involve a destination with people I know.   All in all I’m still glad I went and did this trip alone as it did give me some insight to myself.

Of course of the best things about traveling solo is no one can complain about your music choices whether it be Missy Elliot, The Flaming Lips, Phantom of the Opera soundtrack or the Dixie Chicks.  Yes, I listened to all of those.

So here is a song from my trip.  Hope you’ll read about my adventures in the upcoming days!


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