The Simple Stuff

It’s been a fantastic weekend!  Really nothing significant just lots of little simple things that have reminded me that I am a lucky girl.  Started the weekend with beers with one of my best friends and despite a seriously weird anxiety dream had a solid night of sleep.  Spent Saturday working on some productive things in preparation for my long weekend away coming up and hitting the gym for a great workout and weighing myself to see a number I was quite happy to see then cooked dinner for my wonderful roomie ,who loved it so much she made her own version today. After dinner we walked down to The Prospect for a drink adding some more exercise into my day which led to another solid night of sleep.  Woke up and worked a little on Yoshi and then took him for a ride and felt fantastic on the bike and came back home to be a little more productive and then spend some time crafting, now blogging and watching a movie.

All really simple things but it added up to be a great weekend!

I’m looking forward to a short week at work and heading out with Yoshi (pictured above) to see Pittsburgh by bike.  Of course I do have to drive there first.  Yes, a road trip!  After I get back I will be looking forward to celebrating my birthday and a weekend of mountain biking after 🙂

Life is good!


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