Sha La La La

Well it’s Friday and so of course I have to post.  I’m looking forward to work and then the weekend.  Yes, you heard me right, I’m looking forward to work today.  I’m taking my first aid and CPR certification so I can become a First Responder at work.  Pretty cool that I will get to spend a large portion of my day learning important tools in life and get paid for it.  I have been wanting to get certified for a while and this is the perfect excuse.

I’m also getting used to my new role at work as the head of my department.  Being boss of people is a love/hate relationship for me and thankfully I have some great coworkers and I’m starting to see some of the effects of the physical work I do.  I have changed very little in my life as far as diet and exercise but have been slowly losing weight since I started this job.  I do love getting paid to work out.

As far as after the last work day of the week I am looking forward to riding with Asheville on Bikes and the Bike of the Irish and then heading to see Gomez at the Orange Peel with a hot date 🙂

So instead of my usual of a Beck tune today it will be Gomez.  Here’s to an awesome weekend!

3 responses to “Sha La La La

  1. I heard Gomez is coming to town this weekend. You know anything about that? ( ;

  2. I swear I thought you were making a “Family Ties” reference with that title.

    And as if that weren’t proof enough that I watched too much TV as a kid: Can I start calling you Grand Poobah?

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