From Pavement to Dirt

Today I rode my mountain bike for the first time in two and a half months other than one short jaunt out at the UNCA trails by my house. What?  The President of Pisgah Area SORBA hasn’t ridden her mountain bike in two and a half months?  That’s crazy talk!!

Well I was out for a month from a surgery at the end of December and then I have been road riding when I have been riding.  It has often been raining right before or on the weekends when I can ride so it’s been more convenient and well I have been thoroughly enjoying it.  So finally today I dusted off Flash, my 2009 Turner Flux, and headed to Bent Creek.

Ride I did.  I took the long gravel road climb to the top of Green’s Lick, even passing one rider and catching up to another on the way.  Bombed down Green’s Lick then rode Lower Sidehill over to Boyd Branch road and then went up the road to Boyd Branch trail and when I finished that felt like I wanted just a little bit more so headed over to Pine Tree and rode that small loop then Homestead and finally back to my car.

I haven’t felt this good on my mountain bike in ages! I was riding strong and clearing obstacles with more ease than I have had in a while and even catching a little bit of air.  It was incredible and I wish every ride felt this good.  Maybe it’s the road riding and walking and climbing stairs I  get in at work.  Maybe it was the big stack of pancakes I made this morning.  Maybe I just needed it.  Whatever it was, it was awesome and I hope to do it again soon.


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