The Wind Factor

So today I finally motivated myself to do want I really had been wanting to do this weekend, ride.  Yesterday I was operating on a lack of sleep and just looking outside and seeing the wind blow made me cringe.  So instead I did a few things around the house, some errands and celebrated a friend’s birthday.  Then crashed.  Hard.

This morning I woke up and thought.  Okay, before I shower I am going to ride.  I’m going to bundle up and enjoy this beautiful day.  It’s cold and looks a little windy but so what, once I’m out there I will be fine.  Of course I’m sitting with a cup of coffee in my hand staring at my computer looking out the window and thinking “you know the gym is nice and warm”.  No, I can’t let the weather stop me.  So I knew what I had to do.  Force myself.

So force myself to ride I did.  I bundled up and was ready to roll.  Sort of.  I kept telling myself once I got away from my house the wind wouldn’t be so bad and it would end up being a beautiful day.  So I got out the door with Yoshi, my mid 80s Nishiki road bike, and off I went.  The first few miles through town weren’t bad until I turned onto Haywood Road in West Asheville and the wind hit. Damn!  “Okay it’s just this road” I told myself and kept pedaling.  My goal was to head out to Candler and do a loop around Enka Lake (I don’t care if they renamed it Biltmore Lake, it’s always Enka Lake in my mind).

Well I turned off Haywood and for a short while the wind subsided.  Then it came back, in full force blowing me a few feet out into the lane.  Crap!  I debated turning around and heading back to my warm home.  I didn’t.  I kept going knowing the next corner would be less windy and I was right.  Of course the corner after that the wind came back.  So it went as I rode along the wind coming and going pushing me around and reminding me just how much I detest it.

See it can be cold, really cold, and I don’t mind bundling up and heading out but as soon as that enemy of mine, the wind, comes around I become a sissy.  Today I fought against my enemy and did go for a 25 mile ride and it was worth it despite being thoroughly chilled when I arrived back home.

The wind does have one advantage, clouds.  The clouds were quite beautiful and embraced the mountains as I rode along.

So despite my distaste for the wind I did enjoy a nice rolling ride with some beautiful views and I hate to admit, that is partially because of the wind.


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