The Adventure of Life

Yesterday was the memorial for a friend that passed away on Monday.  He was someone well-known in the Asheville cycling community and his life was appropriately celebrated with a ride to a local brewery where everyone gathered to talk about memories.  His son, a good friend of mine, talked before the ride and reminded us that life is an adventure and we should enjoy it.

He is right.  I have not been enjoying my life enough recently.  I have been too stressed about work and trying to figure out my plans for the future.  I have been full of anxiety and having a hard time brushing off little disappointments like I usually can.

I still need to focus on my life and where I am headed with it but I need to worry less about the little things.  I need to embrace the good moments I have.  I need to keep in mind I have wonderful friends and the opportunities for adventure, big and small, are there and that sometimes I don’t even need to go out my front door for them to happen.  I need to remember that really I am lucky to be who I am with what I have.

I am going to try to look at my path in life as an adventure and roll with the punches more, even when they hurt.  It’s life and both the good and bad are what shapes a person and all adventures have those moments when you fear what will happen next.  I think so far I have turned out pretty well and I think things can only get better from here.

So celebrate the adventure of your life today.  I may not be out riding my bike  or hiking a mountain today but I am enjoying life and where it is taking me.  I had brunch with a bestie, shopped for used books, worked out at the gym and will be having beer shortly with some friends.  Today I’m celebrating the fact that my own personal adventure can happen all with a couple of miles from my house and best of all with friends who help make my life complete.  Sometimes adventures include quiet times of reflection and celebrations of gratitude.  Today that is what is happening in my adventure in life.

I am glad I can say I was a small part of my friend’s adventure.  Go live life.



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