Series of Ups and Downs

Life always is a series of ups and downs but has seemed more so recently.  I have had a fair amount of downs with job stress, the passing of a friend this week, trying to pay on the medical bills coming in from surgery, etc.  Life has also had some ups recently, I had a wonderful time skiing recently, my friends remind me on a continual basis just how awesome they are, I have everything in life I need plus more and plans for travel in the near future.  I’m working hard on trying to work through my stresses and not let it get me down.  It’s not easy but it’s worth it.  Life every now and then reminds me that it is mine, I’m in control and I can make it awesome.  Right now it just might take some time to get back to that mind frame but I am heading that direction.

So in my usual video posting I looked up “series of ups and downs” and appropriately found a mountain bike video.  Does anyone want to take me to the UK for vacation?


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