What? No Snow?

Well it’s Valentine’s Day.  A day I don’t particularly like since I have been single. Word of advice to all; never ever make this day your anniversary!  If you do it will sting a little more than normal when this day rolls around.  I blogged about it last year and if you want to read it here you go.

So this day sucks and to top it off we were supposed to get snow last night.  Did I wake up to see the white fluffy stuff covering the lawn or the car? NO!  No even a dusting! So I’m going to take out all my issues with this day on the fact that there is no snow.  That’s healthy right?

Oh well it’s another day.  WITH NO SNOW!  Where is winter this year?  Sigh

Oh yeah, here’s a video for you 🙂



2 responses to “What? No Snow?

  1. I’m sorry Karen, I think I wished winter away in my own fierce sadness, ’cause I REALLY don’t like it. I hope next year is better. ❤

  2. Next year? We still have another 5 weeks of winter, so Karen there is still time … I hope. I just want one nice pounding … just give me at least 8 or 9 inches, please. I will be happy with one big one at this point.

    Oh and I loved the video too. I spent Val’s Day with six other single guys … gay guys. It was plenty of fun and didn’t even think about being alone. 🙂

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