A New Month

Well it’s 4 days into a new month.  Of course a change of the calendar didn’t relieve me of my anxieties and stress.   It still sucks not being greeted by a beautiful dog when I come home and today brought a few of her old things to Brother Wolf.  I walked in the door of the adoption center and they were quite busy and I did my best to drop off the things and go.  I got back into my car and cried.

Things will heal and life will get better.  I had a super fun Friday night that was relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I so needed it.  What added to the night was that I was able to walk downtown from home.  I had not been able to do that since my surgery because my foot had been through enough during the work day.  This week though I was on my feet continually every day at work and also walked downtown on Friday night.  That in itself deserved a celebration!

So here’s to life on the up this month and doing more activities to keep me smiling.

This song seems appropriate since it just started pouring outside and they are the awesome band I saw on Friday.  Maybe the month will bring more nights of Asheville’s incredible musicians.


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