January Can Suck It

Warning:  Keep in mind I am PMSing like hell while writing this.  If you are bothered by that statement you can suck it.

Well less than 2 days to go and this month is over.  February better make up for this month because as far as I’m concerned January can suck it!  Recovering from foot surgery, bills from foot surgery, work stress overload and losing the canine roommate.  Frickin’ stupid month this has been.

So February has to be better.  Right?

3 responses to “January Can Suck It

  1. Poor Karen! Don’t waste the next two days and wait until next month to make things better: do something nice for yourself. Take yourself to the movies or a massage. Listen to your favorite music. I am so sorry about your dog. Make sure to give your kitties extra love while they are mourning. Be happy that your surgery is done! The bills will get paid off eventually. I love you!

  2. January has been bad for me too. Between the passing of our beloved bird, Mocha and being out sick all last week with bronchitis or pneumonia, I’m ready for a new month!

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