Frazzled and Bikedazzled

Ugh it has been one hell of a long week.  Lots of stuff going on at work, in my head and well now at home.  I was initially looking forward to spending today and tonight cheering on some friends at the Icycle Mountain Bike Race in Fontana Village and drinking an unhealthy large amount of beer but alas I am at home.  Worried.  My roommate’s dog, Gladys, is at the vet right now.  She has been acting a little ill and has stopped eating and drinking excess amounts of water.  Tests have been done to try to figure out what is wrong and so far nothing other than she has a lot of gas and an upset stomach and can’t figure out why yet.  So she has been administered an IV and hopefully will regain her appetite and strength soon and can come home to harass the household cats.  (Okay really the cats harass her more but she loves them so and they love her too).  Despite nothing showing up in the x-rays I hope it’s all because of something crazy she ate like she has been known to do.  She is a lover of all things food as I have blogged about before.

So because I have grown to love this dog and my roommate has become one of my best friends it is more important for me to be here so I can know what is happening rather than two hours away with sketchy cell service.  Good news is I did go for a short road ride and that was some much-needed therapy.  My body is a little exhausted from this week and my mind is too but a little bike ride did a smile on my face.

So I hope everyone at Icycle is drinking one for me and hope that there is an epic dance off:


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