A Much Needed Ride

I did my second post surgery ride today!  I rode for an hour and I do hurt a little but not as bad as when I did 20 minutes last week so that is a huge improvement! It is also a huge improvement to my mood.  I just did a casual slow ride up Riverside from my house, a little over 13 miles.

I didn’t realize just how much I was needing it.  I have been battling a little bit of depression recently.  I started feeling anxious and depressed before my surgery and it has only become worse.  This is something I have battled with on and off in life and exercise, particularly biking, helps. A lot. I have been able to go to the gym a little recently and that has helped but really nothing is as therapeutic as getting out on two wheels and seeing the world around me.  Having been over a month since my last really good ride I had almost forgotten how awesome it is.

I rode slow but not too slow considering it was my first good ride since surgery last month.  It was a nice cool quiet Sunday morning and I pedaled and pedaled.  I wanted to go further but was afraid to get too far from the house and worried about the pain.  I felt fine the whole time I rode but stopped once to check how I felt and as soon as I put my foot down I was reminded.  The pain is still there and isn’t gone yet.  But it’s getting better and less every day.  So home I headed to make sure I didn’t overdo it.

Hopefully my mental pain can follow along with my foot and continue to get better.  Get out and ride, even if it’s a slow ride!



One response to “A Much Needed Ride

  1. Great job Karen, and cool post. Riding is very therapeutic. Today we rode in Pisgah and were in the fog and clouds all day. It was a really intropective and mind clearing ride. It is amazing how a human powered machine can really do wonders for your soul. Keep up the positive thinking and keep up the riding. Depression is really common with injury, but these things will pass, and even if they don’t completely that is all right. As long as we have positive things like riding, good friends, good experiences, etc, we can balence ourselves out in the end. Take care.

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