Working on Working Out

So today I went to the gym for first time since surgery.  I have been doing a little bit of arm weights, abs and stretching at home but this was my first time at getting in some cardio.  I went to the gym and did some arm and ab work and about 17 minutes of cardio before I felt like anymore was going to be too much.

It is only my second day in a real shoe (tied very loosely) and I am doing my best to push myself a little but be smart and safe about it.  What I can and cannot do at this point is all up to my foot and me.  I’m pretty free to do activity as I feel up to it.  I do still have a decent amount of bruising and some swelling along with the pain of the actual incision so a little seems like a lot right now. Nonetheless even a little workout did feel good.

So here’s to working out more and more and getting my strength back and my foot to being normal again!

One response to “Working on Working Out

  1. May your foot heal to take you where you need to be

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