Reflections of 2011 Part 2

So despite feeling lonely more than I wanted, having too many career changes and other stressful events this last year, 2011 was a year of some new opportunities.  Plus 2011 was also my year as a calendar girl!  That’s right my year as a calendar girl!  I think that in itself makes 2011 worth it!  So in 2010 and early 2011 I was captain of the fearleading squad for the Blue Ridge Roller Girls. 2011 was their first year producing a calendar and my squad and I were the featured girls for the month of October.  I even got to sign a few autographs!

So anyway after deciding I was kind of burnt out on fearleading I needed to pick up some new adventures.  I had tossed around the idea of asking The Feral Chihuahuas if they would be interested in a new female in their troupe and finally I asked.  In May (?) I auditioned and have since been working with them.  More off stage than on but nonetheless it has been a blast and I’m looking forward to continuing on in those adventures this year.

Also on the comedy front I decided to try my hand at stand up.  There are a few local open mic nights in town so I prepared a routine, gathered my nerves and got up in front of the mic in September.  It was a blast and I have been to several now, with my next one this Thursday at The Pulp!

I have to say it’s definitely been a lot of fun exploring the world of comedy and I hope to keep expanding those adventures for a while.

I also have kept on as President of Pisgah Area SORBA for another year and kept up with biking although not as much as I would like.  I have also been regularly riding with the Asheville Pedal Punks.  A pretty awesome social around town, low-key group.  I normally prefer to ride alone or with one or two people but really enjoy the regulars of the Pedal Punks and for some reason when it comes to road vs. trail I enjoy a group on the road more so.

Anyway I guess when I lay it all out 2011 was a pretty eventful and overall a good year despite a few downs.  I had a large amount of new life experiences, did get to fit in an awesome road trip, made some good changes and hey I was a calendar girl!

So of course I think I should put in a song by one of my favorite artists that represents a little of what 2011 brought me.


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