Reflections of 2011 Part 1

Wow another year already!  The beginning of a new year always makes me, and probably most of you, reflect on my life for the past year.  Of course just having had surgery has given me a little extra time to spend reflecting so I feel like I have reflected more than previous years.  Maybe I’m imagining that.

So I feel like 2011 brought me some growth, great life experiences, changes in jobs and living situations, some painful times, some lonely times, okay a lot of lonely times, also some good times, great adventures and some great fun!

So New Year’s Eve of 2011 started with a kiss.  A random guy I met while dancing and drinking the night away at The Arcade.  It did turn into a date after but that was it.  That seemed to be the theme of my dating life for the year.  Usually a couple of dates with someone and that was it because either he thought it wasn’t right or I thought it wasn’t right.  Nothing lasted more than a few weeks and I spent the whole year without a relationship.  I have never been through a full year of being single.  In retrospect, I think that I probably needed this growth.  I have learned how to better deal with being lonely.  I have concentrated more than ever of what I need and want for myself.  I think that I when I do find a relationship again I will be more prepared for it than I was a year ago.  I will have the ability to see what I need and keep myself mentally healthy in one.

Despite lacking romantic relationships my relationships with friends have grown.  I have continued to find myself surrounded by a wonderful group of friends who support me, love me and are fun as hell to hang out with!  Whenever I really needed someone I always had a good friend or two to turn to.  I am very thankful for that.

Outside of relationships I faced a lot of changes for one year.  I changed jobs twice.  The job I started the year with kept decreasing my hours and I found myself needing to get out of a bad work situation.  I explored the ideas of going back to school and the brief thoughts of opening my own business.  I decided to venture into a completely different career field and for a few months found myself working for a recruiting firm.  I learned a lot from that.  Mostly that I cannot have a career based around sitting at a desk and talking on the phone all of the time.  So I looked into new ventures again.  Of course with the economy my choices were limited and I found myself where I am now.  I’m working as an assistant receiving manager for a motorcycle and atv parts distributor and overall it is a decent job that keeps me on my feet and surrounded by great coworkers but it’s not my dream job by any means.  So we’ll see where my life goes career wise in the long run but for now I’m happy for a regular paycheck, great coworkers and most of all the stability.  It took a large amount of my mental energy this last year exploring what I want to do and what is really out there.

Besides my career changes I moved.  Again!  About mid summer I thought a lot about cutting expenses and decided my living situation would be the best way to do that.  Really the only way for me to do that would be to move in with a roommate.  Since I had moved three times in the past two and a half years I really was thinking maybe 2011 could be a year of not moving.  My original plan was to start this year looking for a roommate but an opportunity for a great roommate fell in my lap and I took it.  I moved in October and so far am quite happy with the new situation.  It’s nice to have someone else around the house at times along with a dog and another cat.  So far that has been a great change!

Stay tuned for part 2….


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